Rabu, 27 Agustus 2014

Download Game The Hell in Vietnam PC

Free Download Game The Hell in Vietnam, Pagi sob kali ini share game bergenre shooter adventure yang pastinya keren mirip medal of honor namannya game Download Game The Hell in Vietnam During our training in Recondo, we were instructed that having found ourselves at gun point, seemingly with no chances of survival, we should smile at our foe. Surprised by such behaviour, he would hesitate for a fraction of a second. This unbelievably short period of time meant the fine line between death and life. It gave way for other arguments and we had full cartridges of them. We would kill hundreds of enemies this way, leaving behind dead bodies, with the eyes telling the story of surprise and our smiling faces.

 Size Game 520mb
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4 komentar:

  1. Ini cara installnya gmana min? kya game yg lainkah? cuma menunggu cmd sampai selesai?

    1. game di hardisk juga ini
      sepertinya cuman di ekstract langsung bisa di mainkan
      coba screenshoot kalo ada yang eror

  2. game nya crash setelah misi kedua..mohon pencerahan gan

  3. gamenya crash stelah ngledakin mobil