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Game play : In Brigandine, the player controls one of the six playable nations. Each nation possess a number of troops and castles. Each troop is composed by a human leader, called rune knight, and fictional creatures such as dragons, ghouls and fairies, which are called "monsters". The goal of the player is to conquer the entire continent by attacking the enemy castles with the controlled nation's troops (or troops from allied nations). Likewise, troops are also used to protect the controlled nation's castles from enemy troops' attacks. Brigandine features two gameplay modes, both turn-based: a preparation mode and a battle mode.
Rune knights and monsters have statistics typical of role-playing video game, such as experience points, hit points, attack, defense, magic points, and like. Rune knights also have character classes, and may switch between classes if some conditions are met. Monsters don't have classes, but may be upgraded to more powerful forms, called promotions, when they have a minimum level or some special items are used. The number of monsters which may join a troop is limited by the rune knight's rune power statistic. The entire nation has a leader, called ruler, which is a rune knight with a unique class, but otherwise similar to other rune knights.


Size Game 385 mb

Untuk memainkan Game ini harus menggunakan Emulator. Jika ingin download Game PS 1 tanpa Emulator Kesini

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  1. gan knp pas habis milih karakter gamenya langsung berubah jadi black screen ?

  2. tolong banget gan, pengen banget main game ini T.T